Visually speaking I’m obsessed with looking, constantly preying on the everyday for a chance to project artistic agency. Collection is a large part of the creative process and functions as a way to directly engage with my surroundings through behavior and action. When collecting I participate in choice, organization, reinterpretation, redemption, and manifestation. Within each of these activities decisions are made that transform and repurpose my own experiences with the human condition including struggle, disappointment, frustration, loneliness, comfort, and endurance. The simple action of placing different objects and materials in spaces I frequent breaks down the barrier of visual routine, thus creating room for fresh relationships to unravel. 

The relationship between the body and an object, a set of objects, or the multiplicity of an object is a reoccurring theme. Creating an experience that is both condensed and refined, while also leaving room for ambiguity allows for a sort of sustained uncertainty. The experience I pursue tends to be an un-commodified action that becomes a method for interpretation, serving as a metaphor for human phenomenon.