Looking for potential in the unpolished is integral to the creative process I employ. Allowing the vernacular to inform relationships to objects through metamorphosis sets the stage for our own fluidity. Subverting meaning through installation, sound, and performance supplies a platform for a larger dialogue.

Visually speaking I’m obsessed with looking, hunting for potential in dumpsters, parking lots, alley ways, forest floors, and even my own living room. Collection is a large part of the creative process. When we collect we do several things including searching, choosing, organizing, cataloging, cleaning, stacking, and piling. Within each of these activities choices are made that speak to our culture, our memories, and our levels of comfort. The simple act of placing different objects in spaces I frequent breaks down the barrier of visual routine.  

The relationship between the body and an object, a set of objects, or the multiplicity of an object is a reoccurring theme. Creating an experience that is both condensed and refined, while also leaving room for ambiguity is my priority.

Arrangement is a key element in my studio practice. Identifying a streamlined method of consumption is like solving a puzzle. One piece of the puzzle could be video, while the other pieces are sculptures, sounds, or photographs. Learning new methods of image making and staying keen on technology informs my problem solving skills. Through openness to process, materials, and methods I attempt to configure the puzzle in a way that moves me out of my comfort zone, which consistently results in surprise and bewilderment.

The fluctuating rhythm when working is important; letting go when you need to, and grab tighter when you don’t. Within these moments the ability to tolerate change and adapt becomes central to the process. The happy accidents can only reveal themselves through working and reworking, assembling and reassembling. The constant reimagining of a piece is grueling, yet fulfilling within the participation of global discourse in the arts. Participating in this dialogue is the way I spend my time.